The Rise of MLOps Monitoring

MLOps, or DevOps for ML, is a burgeoning enterprise area to help Data Science (DS) and IT teams accelerate the ML lifecycle of model development and deployment. Model training, the first step, is central to model development and now widely available on Jupyter Notebooks or with automated training (AutoML). But ML is not the easiest … Continue reading “The Rise of MLOps Monitoring”

TikTok and the Risks of Black Box Algorithms

TikTok made waves this summer when its CEO Kevin Mayer announced on the company’s blog that the company would be releasing its algorithms to regulators and called on other companies to do the same. Mayer described this decision as a way to provide “peace of mind through greater transparency and accountability,” and that to demonstrate … Continue reading “TikTok and the Risks of Black Box Algorithms”

AI Explained Video Series: The AI Concepts You Need to Understand

As businesses recognize the need for enhanced digital capabilities and build out more robust and advanced Data Science teams, AI is one of the areas being most heavily invested in. It is viewed within many organizations as a potential panacea: How will I forecast demand, make business recommendations, or combat customer churn? AI. How will … Continue reading “AI Explained Video Series: The AI Concepts You Need to Understand”