AI needs a new developer stack!

In today’s world, data has played a huge role in the success of technology giants like Google, Amazon, and Facebook. All of these companies have built massively scalable infrastructure to process data and provide great product experiences for their users. In the last 5 years, we’ve seen a real emergence of AI as a new … Continue reading “AI needs a new developer stack!”

Taming the Data: Complexities in Machine Learning and Explainable AI

A few weeks ago, I was on the panel for Explainable AI at the PRMIA Fintech Horizons Conference in SF. The participants were predominantly from the finance industry like Banks, Hedge Funds and Fintech Startups. We had a very interesting discussion on topics like: Automated AI vs Human-Centered AI How catastrophic can it be when … Continue reading “Taming the Data: Complexities in Machine Learning and Explainable AI”

Welcome Ankur Taly!

We’re excited to introduce Ankur Taly, the newest member of our team. Ankur joins us as the Head of Data Science. Previously, he was a Staff Research Scientist at Google Brain where he worked on Machine Learning Interpretability and was most well-known for his contribution to developing and applying Integrated Gradients  — a new interpretability algorithm … Continue reading “Welcome Ankur Taly!”