FAccT 2020 – Three Trends in Explainability

Last month, I was privileged to attend the ACM Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (FAccT) conference in Barcelona on behalf of Fiddler Labs. (For those familiar with the conference, notice the new acronym!) While I have closely followed papers from this conference, this was my first time attending it in person.  It was amazing to see … Continue reading “FAccT 2020 – Three Trends in Explainability”

The Next Generation of AI: Explainable AI

For most businesses, decisions — from creating marketing taglines to which merger or acquisition to approve — are made solely by humans using instinct, expertise, and understanding built through years of experience. However, these decisions were invariably susceptible to the nuances of human nature: decisions included bias, stereotypes and inconsistent influences. And while humans eventually … Continue reading “The Next Generation of AI: Explainable AI”

Latest Explainable AI Newsletter: January 2020

We’re honored to be named a Game Changer 2020 by CB Inisghts. “..identified high-momentum companies pioneering new ways to solve big problems.” Read on CBInsights What we’re reading/watching 3 reasons to open the AI black-box – Dr. Harry Shum ‘If we want to help humans improve AI, we need to understand it. Where are those errors … Continue reading “Latest Explainable AI Newsletter: January 2020”

Explainable AI Podcast: Founder & CTO of Elixr AI, Farhan Shah, discusses AI and the need for transparency

We recently chatted with Farhan Shah, Founder & CTO of Elixr AI and former tech executive at large insurance companies. Take a listen to the podcast below or read the transcript. (Transcript lightly edited for clarity and length.) Listen to all the Explainable AI Podcasts here Fiddler: Hello everyone, welcome to today’s podcast. My name is … Continue reading “Explainable AI Podcast: Founder & CTO of Elixr AI, Farhan Shah, discusses AI and the need for transparency”