Enterprise Monitoring Landscape – Overview and New Entrants

This post covers the complete Enterprise Monitoring landscape including the newest category of artificial intelligence and machine learning monitoring. With the advent and adoption of web products and services over the past two decades, an entire category of systems dedicated to managing the related infrastructure has developed. Software monitoring, one of the core operational needs, … Continue reading “Enterprise Monitoring Landscape – Overview and New Entrants”

Fed Opens Up Alternative Data – More Credit, More Algorithms, More Regulation

A Dec. 4 joint statement released by the Federal Reserve Board, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) and the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), highlighted the importance of consumer protections in using alternative data (such as cash flow etc.) across a wide range … Continue reading “Fed Opens Up Alternative Data – More Credit, More Algorithms, More Regulation”

Fiddler at Plug and Play Expo

Fiddler Labs was selected to present at Plug and Play’s Fall Expo on October 24th, 2019. As part of their Fintech batch, we were very pleased to see so many attendees in the audience! From investors and corporations to startups innovating in the space. Plug and Play is the ultimate innovation platform, bringing together the … Continue reading “Fiddler at Plug and Play Expo”

Regulations To Trust AI Are Here. And It’s a Good Thing.

This article was previously posted on Forbes. As artificial intelligence (AI) adoption grows, so do the risks of today’s typical black-box AI. These risks include customer mistrust, brand risk and compliance risk. As recently as last month, concerns about AI-driven facial recognition that was biased against certain demographics resulted in a PR backlash.  With customer protection … Continue reading “Regulations To Trust AI Are Here. And It’s a Good Thing.”

2nd Explainable AI Summit, 2019

Last week, the Explainable AI Summit, hosted by Fiddler Labs, returned to discuss top-of-mind issues that leaders face when implementing AI. Over eighty data scientists and business leaders joined us at Galvanize to hear from the keynote speaker and Fiddler’s head of data science, Ankur Taly, and our distinguished panelists moderated by our CEO Krishna … Continue reading “2nd Explainable AI Summit, 2019”